Monday, November 5, 2012

Being entertained by the furry residents...

We are overrun with Squirrels this year, perhaps caused by the drought, and they're getting into everything!!

We'd noticed obvious gnaw marks on my hubby's warty-pumpkin that we'd placed on the porch for our trick-or-treaters… so after the big night we cut a hole in it to expose the seeds and left it for the furry vermin to enjoy - and of course we placed it where it would entertain us & the cat… we've not been disappointed!

For your perusal & enjoyment:

Nibbling on a seed...

This gives new meaning to "digging right in" :)

Love the acrobatics!

Showing off his beautiful healthy coat….

Is the coast clear?

He's been so busy eating he hasn't wiped the pumpkin off his face...

Will he or won't he go in???

A little tentative at first...

All In!!

All that caution paid off!!  Seed!!

This one's eyeing the flesh of the pumpkin...

Whoops!  Fuzzy picture, but as you can see they like the pumpkin flesh as well!!  I decided this guy's name should be Peter (as in Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater).

That's All!!

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